NHL : the scenario of the series to 24 teams makes progress

Negotiations between the national hockey League (NHL) and its players this weekend have helped advance the storyline of the playoffs to 24 teams, even if many details have yet to be resolved.

At least that is what the site The Athletic reported Sunday. The Committee for the recovery is expected to continue to discuss about the situation during the next two days.

The return should also include meetings prior to the start of the calendar playoff at the request of the players. The Association of players of NHL (NHLPA) will have to vote in favour of the plan when an agreement will occur between the two parties.

Gary Bettman and the NHL must also hold a meeting with the owners of the 31 other teams, on Monday. A decision on the draft – which should normally take place in June – could be taken and announced this week.

If the idea of a knock-out tournament to 24 teams was retained, the Montreal canadiens would be the last team in terms of points to qualify.

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