NHL : who repêchera first?

LNH : qui repêchera en premier?

All organizations of the national hockey League (NHL) do not have the same concerns at the present time. While some are questioning the format that could make the playoffs, others are wondering how to determine who will speak first when the next draft, which included the postponement was announced Wednesday afternoon.

As long as no decision will be taken for the rest of the season and the playoffs, it will be impossible to determine the order of selection of the next draft. If the final classification can be decided according to the average points, the format of the series could change the game if more teams were included.

In this context, it would be necessary to redistribute some of the balls of the lottery,

“It is enough to distribute the lottery balls differently, said on the site The Athletic a team leader who has preferred to keep anonymity. The fairest way to do in this situation? If there is a 30% chance that is normally attributed to the teams that will be added to the series, take that 30 % and divide equally in the lottery.”

A tournament?

For the moment, the authorities of the NHL-are still to consult with the directors-general of the league in order to find possible adjustments to the lottery process of the draft, which promotes usually the worst teams in the standings.

According to information reported by The Athletic, some leaders believe that the lottery for the next draft could be an opportunity to reach the fans and reduce the losses incurred this season.

In this respect, a team, whose identity has not been revealed, would have suggested the holding of a tournament between the teams involved in the lottery that is an arena for obtaining a first choice.

In order that the proposal can be supported by the teams involved in the fight, they will have to have the assurance that their chances of getting the first choice are at least as great as under the current format.

Among the options studied, there would be the possibility of having games go and return between the formations taking part in the tournament, which would no doubt interest fans.

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