Nice – Lemarchand, director of Paris-Nice: “We are armed”

    Nice – Lemarchand, director of Paris-Nice: “We are armed”

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    The route of the 73rd edition of Paris-Nice was unveiled this Wednesday by the organizers. The event is due to take place from March 7 to 14, and it could therefore be impacted by the health situation. However, the race director, Francois Lemarchand, is confident: “We do not know what will happen in two months, but we are armed. We have a health protocol, the UCI also. Last year, we had to set new rules during the event. There, they are already fixed: they have been applied since August 1, when the schedule is resumed. We know more about our ability to react “, he explained on the sidelines of the presentation of the course in comments reported by The team.

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    Lemarchand: “We know what we can do”

    Lemarchand thus evokes the last Tour de France, where everything went perfectly well despite the drastic constraints. “When I approached the mayors of the stopover towns of Paris-Nice, no one told me:” but wait, we are taking risks “… They know that we managed to organize major events last year , despite the health context, and that we are implementing very important things. Of course, we have no guarantees, but we do not ask ourselves the question. We know what we can do “, he assures, adding that he would like to see people on the roadside during this Paris-Nice.

    Prudhomme: “It’s an enticing journey”

    On the sporting side, the organization has designed a fairly classic course with the culmination of the arrival at the top of Colmiane on the penultimate day, where the general classification had already been played in 2018 and 2020. In all case, it is a course that seems to appeal to Christian Prudhomme : “It’s an enticing course that François Lemarchand concocted. There is no downtime in Paris-Nice and that’s what we have loved for a long time already. The smiles that we see on the shore roads are essential. There is a moral aspect which is absolutely decisive at the moment, in France as abroad. The cycling competition which goes to the people, which passes in front of you, brings a smile, an admittedly fleeting happiness but a very real happiness “, said the boss of Tour de France.

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