Nicolas Ouellet: a fresh look at “It’s just the TV”

Nicolas Ouellet: un regard neuf à «C’est juste de la TV»

MONTREAL | Dave-Eric Ouellet, alias MC Gilles, a party dedicated to her role of producer of content at Infoman, Nicolas Ouellet became the third musketeer of the panel of commentators This is just TV, with Theresa Paris and Nathalie Petrowski.

The appointment of discussion weekly in love with the small screen, always animated by Anne-Marie Withenshaw, will return for a 14th season in September to ICI ARTV, where it still claims the title of the most-watched show of the channel.

From the top of its 32 years, Nicolas Ouellet will be the one of the youngest analysts in the history of This is just TV, tea where marched, over the years, figures such as Chantal Lamarre, Lise Payette, Liza Frulla, Olivier Robillard-Laveaux, Jean-Michel Dufaux and Serge Denoncourt, as well as former animators André Robitaille and Marie-Soleil Michon.


The boy had listened the first time to become a contributor to This is just TV, four years ago. When the time came to find a successor to MC Gilles, the producers only had to watch again the video of his performance from then to declare that he was the ideal candidate to continue the adventure.

“I’m happy to be a part of It is just the TV at this moment in the history of television, said Nicolas in an interview. With the COVID and all the social movements which we have witnessed in the last few months and years, there’s a kind of excitement around the tv and how it will adapt. I am happy to be able to talk about it.”

Unlike many people of his age, Nicolas Ouellet is still a cable subscriber, but its “reflex tele” are those of a young thirty year old, both in programming as it looks – often foreign ones – that in its thirst for novelty and penchant for “binge watching” (listening during burst and “streaming”). It is not, however, the conflict of generations with his colleagues in the Paris Petrowski.

“I guess we have a different way of perceiving the tv at certain times. Theresa and Nathalie have seen it evolve television in a different way, and for much longer than me. But I have the impression that good content is good content. When we see good tv, it knows how to recognize it. The differences will perhaps be in the kind of stuff you will enjoy, but I have confidence in our pifs respective”, has detailed the one who is said to have cracked recently, so I May Destroy You, on HBO, the Normal People, on BBC One and CBC Gem, and It is like that that I love you, on HERE

“I am also looking forward to see how Star Academy is going to adapt to what is happening in this moment”, he advanced.

It is also a Nicolas Ouellet honored that arises in representing cultural diversity to the table, It’s just the TV.

“I think we had this awareness, it is necessary to show the diversity to the screen. Now, it is time to let it materialise”, he slipped.

Passion and work

Nicolas Ouellet was noted for the first time at VJ Recherché, MusiquePlus, 2009. He had not won the contest, but his communication skills had quickly made the shadow to the other participants.

Since then, he has built his career a commitment to both (Sweet and Salty, What a story!,, ARTV Studio, VRAK attak, behind-the-scenes of Star Academy, 100 % Local), without burning steps.

“I wanted to give myself time to develop my potential and to avoid stagnation, he told. Nothing is equivalent to the rigor, hard work and humility. I was not in me the idea of being known. This is important, to me, is to do stuff I am passionate about.”

It’s just the TV, from the Friday, 11 September, at 21 h, ICI ARTV.

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