Nicras anecdote on Sereda 18 grudnia: smsna not znaydete

Найкращі анекдоти на середу 18 грудня: смішніше не знайдете

For kogos winter – TSE prepd magagnotti of uglublenie ligne suit the I in piti grati sniki, and kogos – shte one reason skarzhitisya in the cold. Naviglio hto VI: Amateur ltno specs ABO skipovogo cold, anecdote from Know.ia panati nastri skin.

Asagiri duty from the taxi, people ask the taxi driver:

– Supine, be caress, that bilja budynku, well, there is, in CNC…

Inca utochnyu:

– Well, there is, de Kishka state…


You have zadni ABO perednih paws?


Siju in toilet, charging kit on mine-worker, I Yogo Gladio I tell them:

– Well scho Yak on the right, miy volohaty friendly?

Tato z cmnty:

– CE ti s Kim there toilet resovles?


The nature of mene codovi, tilki Nervi have vsih ACS slabc…


P Jan sahastra prepulse Dodoma crustaceans, stergiou scho Queen Yak Hoca, so I walk!


Nipride, if zaplanowane s coloca dealin relationships and VIN dіє not for the plan.


– Tato and chomu cerku Sirauti Groshi s Fran?

Well, Yak Tobi can say bachish God gotowkowych pennies no, but the priest never dozvola yomu life in cercu without orendne pay…



“Mamo, and ti soon z powerness of work? I skochilo!”.

“Not stagnate, I will be using n’yat minutes. Sergiy From Ukraine!”.


Giraffe – TSE kin, wykonany for WSM wymogami of zimovnika.

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