Night snacking seriously harm the health of

Ночные перекусы серьезно вредят здоровью

The habit of night snacking contributes to accelerating the aging process and the development of cardiovascular diseases.

This is the conclusion of the head physician of the stomatologic polyclinics Domodedovo Mikhail Kaygin, published his arguments on the website of the Ministry of health of the Moscow region.

According to him, the meals at night can also damage the teeth.

“The habit of eating at night can lead to tooth decay. Food particles adhere very well to the teeth and, remaining on their surface, helping to develop dangerous bacteria, while a person sleeps,” said the doctor, explaining that closer to the night in this regard in the brain of the sleep hormone melatonin decreases the activity of many body systems, in particular, the activity of the salivary glands. For this reason, particles of food stuck in the mouth and on the teeth – saliva is insufficient to rinse.

Also, the food at night is the way to premature aging, said the doctor. According to him, during sleep, cells regenerate and updated, but if the energy of the body goes into digesting a heavy dinner, a full renewal of cells occurs.

In addition, the way is at night may trigger cardiovascular diseases. The doctor stated that the meals contribute to the growth of blood sugar, and its excess leads to thinning of the vessel walls.

“Night meals can lead to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and blood clots,” — concluded the expert.

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