Nikki Yanofsky propels itself beyond its roots

Nikki Yanofsky se propulse au-delà de ses racines

Nikki Yanofsky is so much more than a protégé of Quincy Jones, or that this pre-teen virtuoso who has made her teeth at the Montreal jazz Festival at age 12. On Turn Down The Sound, the Montreal-based explores and surprises. This album launched Friday stands out as the effort the more funky to this day.

She has performed at Carnegie Hall and the Olympia in Paris, before having reached his majority, in addition to climbing the top of the charts Canadian 100 with its olympic anthem I Believe for the olympic Games in Vancouver. Of all the singers of his generation, Nikki Yanofsky is probably the one who predicted the greatest career.

The title Forget, the beach 4 of his most recent offering, is a testament however to the vagaries of a course in the teeth of a saw. The musician speaks directly to those who doubted her, those who have pushed the door against his nose.

But the main stakeholders have understood the message? “Definitely. This is interesting because I think the music industry is like an oxymoron. It involves two different parts of your brain”, replied the singer.

“You created something original and we will get back to you that you don’t know how to put it on the market. People have told me that I should limit myself to jazz, other pop… We don’t always know what to do with me and, in the past, I found it very frustrating.”

Rather than choosing between these two options, Nikki Yanofsky has put the cap where the managers stand don’t wait. She landed in the territory of funk and R&B, Turn Down The Sound.

“Quincy Jones, who is one of my mentors, taught me how to décatégoriser the music. He has always told me to ignore genres and write songs that fit nicely in my registry,” says the artist.

“He also suggested to go to the funk because I had a voice for it. I followed his advice and I began to explore those sounds.”

After having been a qualified alien any of his adolescence during, buoyed by this taste of jazz for a long time considered anachronistic, it is as if Nikki Yanofsky was finally in tune with the times. After all, guys like Kendrick Lamar or Praise incorporate hints of the blue note to their arrangements attracting high praise…

“I really want to register in the same way that Kali Uchis, Jorja Smith and Joy Crookes, these musicians present that create bridges between styles.”

“At this time, there was this whole gang of ladies incredible bring back the “vibe” soul. These sounds then are back in fashion and I was so excited that it happens. This is the kind of music that I always liked, I’ve always done!”

As if, finally, the time that Nikki Yanofsky was finally coming of sound.

Author of his own story

Nikki Yanofsky gives the tone from the first notes of the Loner, the introduction to this disc full of contrasts. A opus that contrasts with the rest of his repertoire, and with this image of a girl bubbly and unflappable that she raised.

“When I write alone, I feel more comfortable with the idea of showing myself vulnerable. I wrote ‘Black Sheep , and I Owe It All To You myself and these are the words of the most personal of this disc.”

“At the same time, there is something excellent in working with others. It is a beautiful way to enter into a relationship.”

Overcoming grief by the rhythm

Of its sessions, co-writing is born of an amazing friendship between generations with Rod Temperton, the creator behind Thriller by Michael Jackson and Give Me The Night George Benson.

Nikki dedicated to him also Nerve, the track 5 coated guitar riffs frantic way Prince. A strong dose of joy and groove that slice away from the context of its creation.

“I wrote this song after the death of Rod. When he died, I really wanted to pay tribute to him, but it was super hard for me because I didn’t feel do it justice. Then, I realized that it was not necessary that it be a ride sad,” said the Montreal.

“Rod loved the funky music that makes you want to get up to dance. I think that is what he would have wanted. Side words, it’s about a guy who does not give importance to what others think of him, who lives his life in his own terms. It was exactly like that and it was one of my best friends.”

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