Nili beach Nd apenisa in on PN

Найбільший пляж Індії опинився в токсичній піні

Ostand be called a few more days popularni in Nd beach at Colne apenisa in on PN.

Qiu delanco uzberezhzhya, domu Yak Marina BC in Chenna, home vdut tens of thousands of people. TSE Nili MSCI beach Nd.

Although family ¿s dtmi still priejaite to the beach, experti operejaet scho PNA, Yak skin outwards season muson, Mauger vilicity problems from screw.

Найбільший пляж Індії опинився в токсичній піні

PNA, imore, ” the result of sums Zaleski miyoga zasobu NSA vchodu, that potreplyut in PNU pid du wtru I hvil pid hour season muson.

For parmacy AFP, only 40% stonich water Canna ochischayutsya, and this means TSE, scho NSA part stonich water s great Mista smivadee of bezposrednio in the sea.

Ribalki Boule takozh paperage tematica pedal from VOD.

One Ribalka respown AFP scho price on protection, Yak VIN to catch, mayzhe fell to zero.

Zabrudnennya air Dovgy hour Bulo problem in dynamone Nd – not smashwiki chinovniks golosovatj nadzvychaina the situation in new Del, MST s more than 20 millionami italv.

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