Nîmes: After the aggression of fire, the justice opened an investigation for attempted murder

The fire department responded in an emergency to save the young man touched on the arm. Illustration — Jérôme Diesnis / Agency Maxele Press

  • The fire department had been targeted in the night from Friday to Saturday.
  • An ambulance had been welcomed by throwing projectiles and Molotov cocktails.
  • An investigation for attempted murder has been opened.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, in a neighbourhood of Nimes, in the
Gard, an ambulance of the fire department was taken to task by a group of individuals, wiping, throwing projectiles and Molotov cocktails, as she was returning home from a rescue. One of the Molotov cocktails exploded just a few meters from the vehicle.

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Attacks that are escalating, explain unions, even though the relief involved to lend a helping hand to the relatives of troublemakers.

“The rise of the complexity of the interventions

On Wednesday, the prosecutor of the Republic opened an investigation for “attempted murder” and investigations are underway to find the suspects.

This assault has generated in the last five days of the wrath of the helmeted department. In a press release, Alexandre Pissas, the president of the Sdis 30, read ” the rise of the complexity of the missions of the same firefighters in areas in difficulty (…) “, including the ” sensitive urban areas where the missions of the firefighters are becoming more exposed to the problems of insecurity, antisocial behaviour or social emergency or health “, but of ” territories in which the citizens have the right to our presence and aid of quality “, added the patron saint of firefighters.

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Another truck caillassé Tuesday

In another, it is the prefect who condemned the aggression, ” cowardly and despicable “.

The tension is not likely to fade in the fire department of the Gard : on Tuesday afternoon, another vehicle was caillassé in this same city.

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