Nissan has decided to abandon the production of hydrogen cars

Компания Nissan решила отказаться от выпуска водородных автомобилей

In the company negatively assessed the prospects for the use of fuel cell vehicles.

Japanese automaker Nissan announced that it is freezing the project in collaboration with the companies Daimler and Ford on fuel cell. writes the with reference for Today.

“Official representatives of company Nissan have declared, that the prospects for the use of fuel cell vehicles in the near future are unlikely,” – said the Agency.

The fuel cell vehicles are propelled by the energy generated during a chemical reaction involving hydrogen and oxygen. These cars are called fully environmentally friendly because they emit only water.

Manual Nissan said that the high price of the car, as well as the slow pace of installation of hydrogen filling stations prevent the introduction of fuel cell vehicles. In this regard, the company made the decision to freeze the project.

Earlier it was reported that Nissan will stop the development of the diesel engines, focusing on the electrification of the model range. The exception would be the commercial vehicles, which will continue to equip diesel engines, but purchased from other manufacturers.

In the opinion of management of Nissan, the demand for diesel cars will be reduced in all markets, especially considering the restrictions of the European countries on the movement of cars with engines with “heavy fuel” in the centers of large cities.

A similar decision was made by the company Volvo, which plans to phase out diesels. Will be offered only gasoline and hybrid gasoline-electric powerplant. In 2019 it will be possible with a “mild hybrid”.

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