Nissan Patrol and Mitsubishi Pajero will have one platform

Nissan Patrol и Mitsubishi Pajero получат одну платформу

We all know the importance of automotive alliances between different manufacturers.

In particular we are talking about the ability to share and use the resources to the production of cars was more cost effective and also appeared to reduce the time and money to develop.

In the end, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, and it’s so an effective method of pooling resources that certain markets are now open to new brands or models.

One cool advantage of the Alliance – the idea is to return previously removed from the production machine, for example Mitsubishi Pajero.

So, it is expected that Nissan shared its platform with Mitsubishi Patrol, which will significantly upgrade the Pajero in the release of a new generation.

The head of the Australian Mitsubishi John Signorello says that there is a product roadmap that will be developed, but details are not yet available to all.

“You never know what you can bring to the Alliance. That’s the beauty of sharing products and platforms within the Alliance. It should always be based on the business case. Can we eventually come up with a business case to justify it? to determine whether there are other platforms for sharing,” said John Signorello.

It is interesting to note that in 2007, the former CEO of Mitsubishi Trevor Mann told journalists in Geneva that the Nissan Patrol is the most likely partner of the brand for a new generation Pajero.

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