Nissan tests new all-wheel drive system (VIDEO)

Nissan испытывает новую систему полного привода (ВИДЕО)

The Japanese automaker has released a test car to develop the technology to manage all four wheels for electric vehicles of the next generation.

In the heart of the test car went to the Nissan Leaf electric car e +, which got two electric motors one for each axle.

Thanks to the combination of private control chassis Nissan, implemented a completely new all-wheel drive. Nissan uses this test car to develop the technology, which demonstrates higher rates of driving.

“Nissan plans to introduce a new generation of electric vehicles in the near future. The 4WD control technology and control technology, the chassis is combined to significantly improve the performance of “driving, cornering and stopping,” said Takao Asami, senior Executive Director of Nissan.

The test car is equipped with two electric motors, the total output of which is 227 kW of power and 680 Nm of torque. Nissan emphasizes new control technology of power plants, which ensures quick response and smooth acceleration in all driving situations.

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