Nissan will show a conceptual model of Ariya in Tokyo

Nissan покажет концептуальную модель Ariya в Токио

According to the Japanese press, the presentation of the prototype Nissan Ariya will be at the Tokyo auto show this year, although details about electric SUV yet.

The only widespread image shows that the car is based on the concepts of IMx and IMQ presented before. The new model should be on the market in 2021.

However, it has some features Nissan X-Trail, at the same time, it is assumed that has a more spacious interior. It is expected that initially the new product will target the markets of China and USA, which also provides that the basis of the machine is the architecture, which is more than the Nissan Leaf.

Although first reported, the next Nissan electric car will be built on the platform SUV Leaf.

Nissan покажет концептуальную модель Ariya в Токио

Under the assumptions, the electric car will be equipped with Nissan technology ProPilot next generation. Information about power remain secret, although according to rumors, the novelty on one charge can cover a distance of 480 km and accelerate to the first “hundred” less than 5 seconds.

Other details regarding the new product reveal at the motor show in Tokyo.

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