NKREKU established “green” tariff for a number of SES, was commissioned in the fall of 2019

НКРЭКУ установила "зеленый" тариф для ряда СЭС, введенных в эксплуатацию осенью 2019 года

The national Commission, carrying out state regulation in the spheres of energy and communal services of Ukraine, have established “green” tariff in the amount of 15,03 cents per 1 kWh for a number of solar power plants (SPP), introduced in service in autumn 2019.

This decision, the Commission adopted, on 29 November.

The validity term of the tariff until 1 January 2030.

Rate, in particular, is set for stations:

OOO “Energy systems of the Dnieper river” with a capacity of 10.5 MW (krynychans’kyi district, Dnipropetrovsk region), which belongs to the company “Gabici & Co Damisi” (Kiev). The ultimate beneficiary is the Fish Garg (India).LLC “Sunlight NK” with a capacity of 12.9 MW (New Kakhovka, Kherson region). Belongs to Alexander Mistuko and Igor Pavlenko (50%).LLC “solar Golden KEYS” power of 20,2 MW (Dnipro district Dnipropetrovsk region). Owner and Director is Maxim Reva.OOO “Grand solar” with a capacity of 8.1 MW (Magdalinovka rayon district Dnipropetrovsk region). Belongs to Gennady magpie (43,59%), Anna Demchenko (31,03%), JSC “Closed rediversification venchurny corporate investment Fund “Everett”. Final beneficiaries – Alexander Shevelev and Alexander Bondarchuk.

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