No, b…QB, new faces are you still lacking?

Каких, б…дь, новых лиц вам еще не хватает?

All the trend of “new faces” in politics broke down. Almost half of Ukrainians disillusioned with the mass arrival of “young, unbiased politicians.” The survey conducted. Sociological. The KIIS and the Fund named after Ilko Kucheriv. Constructure Soros recorded the rejection of the new faces of Soros. What happened? What happened to the millions of potential, that is purely latent sympathizers of Fame Vakarchuk?

Why “servants of the people” whose names nobody knew, and now know of the scandalous Chronicles, no longer excite the nation? Is it possible the second time to elect the next President of the resident “95 Quarter”?

These and other issues are not going to give answers. Yet simple and obvious. After the shrieking and hysterical Peter, frightening the townsfolk martial law, voters drawn to the strawberry. Wanted “new faces”. Just to remind you, where did this trend. About a year before presidential election almost all the case firms started screaming about “huge demand for new faces.” All tired, let’s new, spotless, not related to corruption. As the quintessential “new” were presented to Slava Vakarchuk. It regularly included in polls and demonstrated the unique dynamics of growth of a rating of the singer’s mouth. Without exception, the classic party is “atavism”. Tymoshenko’s time to retire, Medvedchuk and Rabinovich – the Pro-Kremlin column, the MFP – a bunch of huckster, “the popular front” have already died. We need to elect new faces, and all problems will be solved by themselves. From month to month a growing number of Ukrainians are convinced that the future deputies, members of the Cabinet and the President does not necessarily have political experience. The main completely different criteria. The type of honesty and integrity. The rest will follow.
Let’s rewind even further. The election of President Poroshenko and the new Parliament. What messages dispersed Soros agents? Yes, all the same. We need new faces in politics, in key positions. Take Lithuanians, Georgians and just homeless people from the Baltic States. They will raise the country from ruins, to rebuild the economy and defeat Russia at the expense of time. Who were these new faces? Well, except for the Georgians from Saakashvili’s team? Mustafa Nayyem, Svetlana Zalishchuk, Yegor Sobolev and others in the same way. Standard Soros clip. The “hope” of the Ukrainian nation according to the magazine “New time”. Who owns “New time”? Tomas Fiala decades representing the interests of the Soros Foundation in Ukraine.

Here is the real brain-washing techniques. Artificially formed literally paranoid demand for “new faces”. Apparently, working for the chorus, which was considered as the successor of Poroshenko “Sarasate” and the American Democrats. But in preparation for the Glory to the presidency revealed that the next “leader” on the main indicators of intellectual development corresponds to the level Usica. Only worse. It’s a simple statement of fact. It’s nothing personal. Vakarchuk decided to make the “frontman” of the parliamentary elections. But also not really happened. Played a role and the fact that “the request for new faces” is almost entirely intercepted Zelensky little-known group of comic-lovers. However, the results of the elections (parliamentary and presidential) suddenly it became clear that “new faces” – it’s basically all the same representatives of the Soros Foundation, which received almost all the key positions in the new government. How did it happen? Generally the wrong question. Differently and could not be, since almost thirty years for grants from the Fund “Revival” and its affiliates was brought up not one generation of “professional politicians” of the type Milovanova and Nefedova. And we were all convinced that we must radically change “old, rotten elite”. Changed. Where, as they say, radically. Even the Georgians can obzavidovalis. So many new “servants”… All monocline consists of Usikov and Aragami.
It took three months of active work of the new government, and the trend of “new faces” like a cow tongue licked. Suddenly it became clear that the country needs “professionals”. Wait a minute! And Goncharuk, Nefedov and Milovanov, then who? They can spend hours roll bags, carry out coaching in the style of “rear wheel drive” and the General thesis under the substances wrote. New faces! But the rapidly growing number of respondents who stubbornly believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction. Where, b…QB, need?!

Growing ratings of “hackneyed” officials: Tymoshenko, Medvedchuk, Boyko. Peter Alekseevich everything is stable. Falling like a charm. If elections were held in November, the DOG would be flying by Happy with two percent.

I don’t think sociologists working for Soros (a collective image), they are forming a new trend. Back to classic parties. No. They are just stating that about…were. The request for new faces has led to the emergence in power of the masses “sorozat” that can boast of innovations in the case of sexual orientation. As a result, the rating Zelensky confident “sags” (to use the terminology of Andrei Bogdan). Minus twenty per cent over six months. Normal this pace. If the command “sorozat” presented in the Cabinet, the parliamentary majority and the President’s Office, will be at the same pace to destroy the trend of “new faces”, the nation will have to ponder a return to basics. The transitional link between APE and man. It (the link) is not found. But we will. I’m sure.

Alexander Zubchenko
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