No bridge or tunnel on Laurel

Pas de passerelle ni de tunnel sur Laurier

The City of Quebec rejects the idea of building a structure as air or a tunnel for pedestrians, boulevard Laurier at the height of the CHUL, learned The Newspaper.

The idea had made its way in the wake of the tragic death of a young pregnant woman at this crossroads crowded in 2016.

Marie-Pier Gagné, 27 years old, was on the ground when she was caught in front of the CHUL by a young driver in the seizure, which would not have had to take the wheel. Convicted of criminal negligence causing death, Jonathan Falardeau-Laroche must know his or her sentence on Tuesday.

In 2017, the City had installed concrete walls in the central median to secure the pedestrians and to said floor of future permanent facilities in the framework of the implementation of its public transit network.

A sketch of the ” Station CHUL “, unveiled this week at hearings of the BAPE on the tram shows various improvements – sidewalks widened, increasing the total number of crossings protected, ground markings, shelters pedestrians vis-à-vis the crossings, lighting and signage, row of trees on the sidewalk – but no elevated pedestrian walkway or tunnel.

Questioned by The Newspaper, the City confirms having analyzed these two options, which have however been rejected.

“The establishment of a gateway or a tunnel involves requiring an additional effort for the pedestrian. The sense of safety for pedestrians is also decreased in the evening and during the night compared to facilities in open spaces “, said spokesman David O’brien.

The docking technique is a gateway to the CHUL and Laurier Quebec also included ” the major difficulties of integration of both sides “, it was argued.

The City believes that the measures put in place – more will be announced later – will help ensure that a crossing is safe for the boulevard Laurier and the platform of the tram.

Project of the shopping mall

In addition, the proposed pedestrian bridges linking the commercial centres, Laurier Québec, Place Ste-Foy and Place de la Cité, which should see the light of day in 2019, is still in the cards, even if it has been put on ice.

“We still believe in the project and we have continued to work with the City during the past year,” said Katherine Roux Groleau Ivanhoe Cambridge, owner of the Laurier Québec and Place Sainte-Foy.

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