No charge, but serious sequelae

Pas d’accusation, mais de graves séquelles

SAINT-HYACINTHE – Anthony Seyer, which has been disfigured, last December, in a bar in Saint-Hyacinthe, in the Montérégie region, is dismayed: her abuser claimed will ultimately not criminally charged.

The 21-year-old is still nightmares to post-traumatic stress in relation to the crime of which he was the victim two months ago. In December 2019, after defending her sister, Emy-Lee Seyer, 18 years old, at the bar, The Shaker of Saint-Hyacinthe, Anthony Seyer has been deface by a man who has smashed a glass in the face. The whole left side of the face of the victim, which was completely open, had to be closed using stitches.

Last Friday, the police and the prosecutor responsible for his case had met at the palais de justice in Saint-Hyacinthe for him to announce that no charges had been brought against the main suspect in this case.

“I was not having any of it in your mind”, he admitted in an interview with LCN, Saturday afternoon.

“At the time I didn’t understand, he continued. I listened to them talk about it, but I thought almost that I niaisait.”

Incredulous, he can hardly believe that her abuser claimed will not have to answer for his crime.

The physical and psychological consequences

Today, the scars of Anthony Seyer have surprisingly healed, despite the severity of the injury.

The young man, however, must cope with serious sequelae related to this evening. “My left eyebrow is paralyzed, I lose a little memory, I can’t drive because I get dizzy”, he enumerated.

Other accusations?

Anthony Seyer is “angry” the outcome of this situation. He says he seriously consider to sue the assailant for alleged civil.

“My friends and my parents support” in there, he assured.

It might also make a request for their file to be reviewed. In any case, it feels somewhat “discouraged and left to itself”.

– With the QMI Agency

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