“No evidence” of immunity

«Aucune preuve» d'immunité

While the government Legault is preparing a déconfinement progressive du Québec to immunize the population against the COVID-19, the WHO and Ottawa have serious doubts about the effectiveness of this approach.

«Aucune preuve» d'immunité

Horacio Arruda
National director of public health

The prime minister François Legault and the director of the Québec public health, Horacio Arruda, have long insisted Thursday the fact that Quebec is at a point of ” natural immunity “.

“It is necessary that there is an immunity that develops in the coming months, stated Mr. Legault Thursday. The idea is to go very gradually, so that people who are less at risk to develop antibodies and become immune. ”


“No evidence”

However, the world health Organization (WHO) assures that there are now “no evidence” that persons who have contracted for the first time the COVID-19, and who are healed, can be immunized by the following.

“People who think they may be immune against a second infection because they have been reported as positive could ignore the recommendations of public health “, warned the organization.

The Journal has talked with a man in his seventies from the Lanaudière region who has received a second positive test to the COVID-19, after having been cured.


The prime minister of Canada suggested Saturday that the immunity is not part of its short-term strategy and that it was better to ” err on the side of caution “.

Taking the side of the WHO, Justin Trudeau says that ” there is no science yet that says that if one has caught the COVID-19 once, you cannot catch it a second time “. Dr. Theresa Tam, director-in-chief of the public health agency of Canada, believed that ” the idea of generating a kind of natural immunity should not be considered “.

However, experts believe that there is a “strong chance” that the virus confers a certain immunity.

Asked him about his difference of opinion relative to the federal and the WHO, François Legault contends that there would be too great a risk to keep the Québécois confined for too long, ” mental health in particular “.

“All of our decisions are made on the recommendation of our public health. […] The virus will be a part of our daily lives for many months to come. It is necessary that life will resume gradually, ” one can read in an email sent by the office of the prime minister in the Newspaper.

With Geneviève Lajoie, the QMI Agency and the AFP

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