No excuses for the Ducks

Fini les excuses chez les Ducks

The general manager of the Ducks of Anaheim, Bob Murray, will no longer accept any excuses after his club had missed the playoffs for a second consecutive season.

Under a folder of 29-33-9, the Ducks will not have a chance to participate in the qualification round if the national hockey League (NHL) should resume its activities. Murray has said that all members of the organization, without exception, were going to have to be accountable.

“We are so far away, it is inexcusable, launched the DG, in remarks reported by the official site of the national hockey league, on Wednesday. It is because of the coaches, players, everyone. No excuse for that. We must correct it. Some things will change. Inconsistencies cannot continue this way.”

“The responsibility in this group is going to change. It is finished. I’ve said a few times, but I am determined that this will happen in the future, and coaches will hear it loud and clear. It’s going to players with little ice time to the more used, veterans in the other.”

Eakins used

This season, the Ducks also had to learn the game system of a new head coach as Dallas Eakins was hired last summer.

Eakins is in his second experience as a pilot in the NHL after failing to revive the Edmonton Oilers in 2013 and 2014. He has himself confessed recently that he had deviated from his usual technique in Alberta, using a “flame-thrower” to try to motivate the troops.

“I think that [Eakins] was very organized and well prepared, said Murray about the beginning of the season of Ducks. There was good communication at the outset, but it has a little sideways. I think he had to get rid of certain habits that it has taken to Edmonton, and I believe that it was successful. It was very, very hard with some of the young people in Edmonton and it has turned against him.”

“I’m not saying that it is just his fault. I know that it will be more constant with everyone next year. “

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