No help for the american States “poorly managed” before the crisis,

The american States which were “poorly managed” on the financial plan before the pandemic of the coronavirus will not receive aid from the federal government, said Tuesday the u.s. secretary of the Treasury.

“The States that have been poorly managed in advance are not going to get bailout federal,” said Steven Mnuchin on the television channel Fox Business, when he was asked about the possibility of help in particular to the State of Illinois, in the north of the country.

The State has requested $ 40 billion of aid, of which $ 10 billion to resolve the existing difficulties, according to the journalist from the american channel.

Steven Mnuchin has not, conversely, ruled out a possible federal assistance to New York city and its neighbor New Jersey, which have the expenditures related to the coronavirus “very, very high.”

“We have already sent the money, which will allow them to specifically fund the expenditures related to the coronavirus, and non-income losses”, he commented.

Finally he stressed that in all cases, it would be necessary to obtain a broad consensus of republicans as democrats to grant aid to the States.

“The last two draft laws (on the plan of economic aid) have been adopted with a unanimous consent”, he recalled, claiming he was “healthy” to have a debate on the criteria for the grant of aid from the federal government.

The heads of democrats in Congress were outraged at his statements about the “poorly managed”, portending a new arm of iron around the next plan aid is still in the early stages of the negotiations.

The us Congress approved at the end of march a history of 2000 billion of dollars of support to the u.s. economy, and then a new package of measures, in part complementary, in the $ 500 billion last week. Democrats and republicans argued extensively these plans and Donald Trump aces as promulgated in the wake.

The next phase “must include a solid (…) the financing of States and local authorities, to pay for front-line workers”, said the president democratic party of the House, Nancy Pelosi, during a press conference call with a union, AFSCME.

“We need two things,” she said the leader of the minority democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, at the same conference: “a vast increase in funding to States and local authorities, and (…) to ensure that they can use these funds to offset the lost revenues” because of the pandemic, he added.

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