No investigation of the national Assembly on its ex-president

Pas d’enquête de l’Assemblée nationale sur son ex-président

Contradicting the two political parties, the national Assembly is unable to investigate allegations of sexual touching made against its ex-president, Jacques Chagnon.

The ex-president of the walloon Parliament, Émily Hoyos, recently told a media belgian that Mr. Chagnon had put the hand to the posterior, in 2011, when she was received at the Québec national Assembly.

Mr. Chagnon has denied last week these allegations. Mp pq Méganne Perry Mélançon was, however, asked the national Assembly to enter the folder.

Not possible

In an interview with our Bureau of investigation, the third vice-president of the institution, Maryse Gaudreault, said
the policy to fight harassment in the force, does not apply to the elect foreigners visiting.

“In the case of a member who is not of the national Assembly, it could not complain “, she said, arguing that in such cases, the only recourse is the police.

In addition, it would be impossible to initiate investigation without a formal complaint of a victim alleged.

“Do an investigation when the person in question denies this and that the person who made the statement of allegations does not want to lodge a complaint, there is no material investigation “, she said. Last week, Ms. Hoyos stated that she had “turned the page” on this alleged incident.

A member of the group of deputies, which has hosted Émily Hoyos in 2011, dr. Gaudreault has kept no memory. “I don’t remember this person or this evening,” she said.

No hands are tied

On the side of the liberal Party, a spokesman for the parliamentary wing has stated that the Office of the national Assembly (the BAN) could act.

“If the national Assembly decides to consider the question, she has the freedom and the independence to do so. The BAN may decide to seize and investigate the behavior of its former president “, said yesterday Frederick Labelle.

The training policy maintains that ” this type of behavior, if they are proved, are unacceptable and should never be tolerated.”

In an interview with QUB, Ms. Perry Mélançon said yesterday that she would have wished that the president of the national Assembly, François Paradis, ordered checks. “I think we would have been able to seek the necessary information and then close the file “, she said.

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