No longer have to go yellow and sour: the best foods to improve liver function

Больше не придется ходить желтым и кислым: лучшие продукты для восстановления печени

The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. However, eating too fatty foods, alcohol, Smoking even a few cigarettes a day, or just living in an urban environment, we put your liver in danger. Meanwhile, there are several products available, which allow you to effortlessly restore liver function.

The best foods to improve liver function

1. Pumpkin

This product is useful in any form. It goes well with meat dishes (as a side dish) and dessert. The one who at least once tried sweet pumpkin, probably will remember its taste for a long time. But, most importantly, pumpkin is rich in one of the most rare vitamins — vitamin So that he has a positive effect on the liver, purifying and restoring it after heavy loads.+

2. Kelp

In people, this product is better known as seaweed. It contains a very large amount of iodine, beneficial salts and minerals. These algae are perfectly cope with the toxins accumulated in the liver. Kelp is a natural fighter of harmful substances. And such a name not in vain.+

3. Dairy products

The most important rule for the use of dairy products — they should not be too fatty. Milk, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk or yogurt — they all have a beneficial effect on the body, including and regenerate the liver. Passing through the body, the products would absorb all harmful toxins.+

4. Dried apricots

Probably no man in the world who would not love sweets. But the thing is that the chocolate or candy does not have a positive effect on our body, which is not true about natural products. One of them is dried apricots. Experts from the USA made a very interesting conclusion — dried apricots contain substances that help very quickly and effectively deal with the so-called bad cholesterol. In turn, this allows you to overcome obesity and cleanse the body from harmful substances.+

5. Olive oil or olives

This product helps to deal with a very large number of toxins and other harmful substances. It contains one of the most important for the human body vitamins — vitamin e and Its positive effect is noted even in the fight with radiation.+

Thus, using one or more of the listed products without additional resources and efforts to cleanse the liver from toxins. This does not necessarily consumed in its purest form — just add a salad or another suitable dish. Even so, you can make your body more healthy. Be healthy!

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