No more excuses!

Plus d’excuses!

Almost on a daily basis, an expert or a political leader, we stated that we ” prepare for the second wave of COVID-19 “, because it would be inevitable. Either !

However, to respect the hygiene measures and social distancing, and make provisions to minimize trips to the supermarket, the field of action of the individuals is relatively limited.

On the other hand, if the second wave is in the process of gestation, this would be rather up to us to ask our political elite what lessons she has learned from the first wave and, more importantly, how she prepares for the next.


The authorities have undoubtedly managed the crisis to the best of their abilities. But the results are dismal. While Quebec represents 23 % of the canadian population, it saves 52 % of all cases in the country and 64 % of all deaths.

The reasons for this performance shameful are multiple. Canada has been slow to close its borders. He did not put travellers in quarantine. Then came the cacophony around the usefulness of the mask. The tests have been slow to arrive. The controversy around the treatment for inflamed and NURSING homes ranged from the panic and confusion.

Yet, in January last, the minister McCann ensured that Quebec was ready to confront the COVID-19. But it was wrong !

Assuming that the virus was taking us by surprise this winter, the excuse is no longer valid for the second wave. The authorities are preparing so seriously ? Are they provisions of the masks and tests ? NURSING homes have they reviewed their process ?


As if to apprehend a rebound of the COVID-19 was insufficient, it was learned recently that the swine flu and the bubonic plague had reappeared in China.

Ignoring for the moment the risk of global pandemics. But if the fear of disease is real, it is the potential for another debacle in terms of crisis management that is terrifying !

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