No need to drive to another city: in Mozdok opened a modern clinic

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Sergey Mineev (“Mir”)


The residents of the Mozdok no longer need to drive for medical aid to Vladikavkaz. The city opened a modern clinic. In the offices – new hardware and specialized professionals are ready to take 850 visitors per day. The correspondent of “MIR 24” red of Ulubaev learned the details.

Old ultrasound machine can be sent into retirement. Now the examination of pregnant women will be carried out on modern equipment. Obstetrician Inna Farnieva admits: it’s like comparing a scooter and a luxury car.

“The most important thing that women Mozdok, future moms, don’t they now have to travel to the capital of the Republic,they receive this prenatal diagnosis in Mozdok,” – said Farnieva.

Not only updated equipment but also has finally opened the new building of the polyclinic is one of the biggest “protracted” in the city. The old body clinic more than a hundred years. Say, before the revolution, it housed offices of the Royal stables. To move in furnished offices medical staff was planned in the early nineties, but managed to do it only after 28 years.

On the first, second and fourth floors – adults and children’s departments, and the third a Sorority.

“Patients after the disease will go through the aftercare phase of rehabilitation. Conditions we created beautiful. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary. The specialists we have,” said the acting chief physician of the Mozdok district hospital Lyudmila Medoyev.

In children and adult departments patients after surgery will be able to undergo rehabilitation. For this purpose in the clinic is massage rooms, rooms for physical therapy, two pools.

“We will work to additionally purchase the necessary equipment, because every day new technologies, new methods of treatment. But in the emphasis on respect for our patients,” said health Minister of North Ossetia Tamerlan Gogichaev.

A new clinic will serve the inhabitants of suburban villages. And that more than 80 thousand people. For the convenience of the patients the autumn here will introduce electronic medical records and online appointment of doctors.