No need to panic in the network: in Ukraine there will be a law on cyber security?

Без паники в сети: как в Украине будет работать закон о кибербезопасности?

In October 2017 the Supreme RAda took ZAkon “On basic principles of ensuring cyber security of Ukraine”, which entered into force on may 9, 2018. It should protect national interests of Ukraine in cyberstructure. What is changing?

BACKGROUND. In 2017 there was a cyber attack Forex/Nyetya, which caused considerable damage to many public companies. We are talking about failures in the operation of networks, data loss and financial reports. This was the reason to start working on a bill that provides kiberbezopasnosti in Ukraine.

ESSENCE. The new law primarily aimed at the formation of General policy of the state of cybersecurity. According to the document, Ukraine will be the national telecommunication network and national centre for cyber-security. To coordinate actions in the field of cybersecurity through the national security Council and defense will be the President of Ukraine.

IN THE LAW. The law adds to the legal field definitions that relate to cyber defence and cyber security. This will allow to detect and deter possible crimes in cyberspace. One of the innovations of the adopted law is the actual adjustment of cyber crime with other criminal acts.

Без паники в сети: как в Украине будет работать закон о кибербезопасности?CYBERSECURITY. Ukrainian business and government often refuse to spend more on cybersecurity, not realizing the possible magnitude of the consequences of cyber attacks. Until recently, Ukraine as such has no concept of “information security”. Now public and private companies will have to undergo mandatory audit of cybersecurity in accordance with the requirements of the Cabinet.

We will REMINDthat in 2016, the Parliament was submitted a draft law on cybercrime, in accordance with which the Ukrainian security services was to get access to all the personal resources Ukrainians: sites, e-boxes, audio and video files. Supporters of the law insisted that such a security measure is necessary in war, nothing about the fact that such a law would violate the rights of Ukrainian citizens.

In the age of digitalized society, it is difficult to completely avoid threats in cyberspace. However, the creation of a modern legal framework and compliance with cyber security measures will help better fight off cyberattacks.

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