No OJ or hockey

Pas de JO ni de hockey

There’s no more doubt possible. The international olympic Committee must postpone the presentation of the olympic Games in Tokyo. Ideally, in the next year. About the national hockey League and the national basketball Association, they should make a cross on their season and wait for the pandemic COVID-19 clears up before resuming their activities.

These decisions will not be made before a certain time, but it should be obvious. The virus cursed is spreading at an astonishing pace, and the infectious disease specialists say that the worst is yet to come.

All we can do is to follow the instructions of prevention and of patience.

This is going to be long.

The fear will persist

Again, one might think that the return to normal life will not happen quickly. Once the crisis is over, the fear of contracting the virus will persist for some time.

People do rueront not all at the same time in the shopping malls, restaurants, sports arenas and theatres.

We are going to be suspicious.

Would be better to be more cautious than we were when the first cases of infection appeared.

Los Angeles has waited too long

A few days ago, the Los Angeles Times has published a story saying that half of the players of the NHL and the NBA have been contaminated by the virus were passed by the Staples Center in the previous days. We are talking about the home of the Kings (NHL), Lakers (NBA) and the Clippers (NBA).

We learn that 39 events have been presented to this place after the announcement of the first case of COVID-19 in Los Angeles.

This account includes 19 games of basketball, 12 meetings of hockey, two events of bull riding, as well as the tribute to Kobe Bryant, who was killed with one of his daughters in a helicopter accident in January, and the awards ceremony Grammy.

The last three games sports took place in the space of four days. The number of athletes who have caught the virus, there is a four-door-color Net in Brooklyn, in which their star player Kevin Durant, as well as two players from the Kings and two players from the Ottawa Senators.

Figures distorted ?

Yesterday, the Los Angeles county reported 536 cases and 7 deaths on its territory.

In Japan, the number of cases reported amounted to close to 1100, could it be read on the website of the world health Organization. This estimate, however, was questioned by several media, who accuse the japanese authorities not to disclose true figures for fear of seeing the olympic Games are postponed or cancelled.

Japan is not part of the rest of the world in this nightmare. This is the Canada she was reminded in deciding not to send its athletes to Tokyo.

There are no other solutions. The athletes, who have been preparing for four years for this great moment of their career, to understand that health comes first at this time.

The NHL players don’t have the head to the Stanley Cup series. The players of the MLS, who saw their season start, and the players of major league baseball, whose campaign was to begin this week, know that the situation is beyond their control.

The sport is not important for the moment.

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