No petits fours … but a raffle for the wishes of the mayor of central Paris

    No petits fours … but a raffle for the wishes of the mayor of central Paris

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    A raffle rather than petits fours. Forced to give up, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, his traditional ceremony of vows, the economist Ariel Weil (PS), mayor of Paris center, decided to use the sum usually allocated at this time differently. important exchanges which took place not long ago at the Carreau du Temple (3rd).

    The surprise is that “the budget of the wishes of the town halls of the first four districts which have now merged (Editor’s note: the town hall of the 3rd having become that of Paris center), that is to say a few tens of thousands of euros, will be affected this year. to a big raffle ”, announces the elected official.

    Vouchers from 25 to 50 euros

    From January 14, residents of central Paris are invited to register on the town website to participate. A draw will take place at the town hall at the beginning of March in the presence of a bailiff to designate the lucky winners.

    The winners will be awarded vouchers “worth 25 to 50 euros” to be used in local shops. Florists, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, butchers, ready-to-wear merchants… All independent merchants are welcome, provided they have registered in advance free of charge at the town hall.

    Follower of “the recovery by consumption”, the mayor explains: “The idea is to give a small gift certificate to the inhabitants. By using it, they make the neighborhood merchants work, especially since we are betting on the fact that they will spend more. “

    If many traders welcome the operation, Priscilla Jouannault, manager of the cheese factory at 39, rue de Bretagne (3rd arrondissement), is more circumspect: “I’m not sure that this really stimulates the buying drive. What is killing commerce today is the elimination of parking spaces. Did you know that our customers have their cars taken away while they are buying their cheeses? “

    Justine will participate in the raffle (3rd). LP / Philippe Baverel

    As for the inhabitants, most are enthusiastic. 25-year-old physiotherapist, Justine approves “this win-win initiative, which is all the more appreciable as some have lost purchasing power due to the health crisis. This little help is also welcome for traders, many of whom are in difficulty. “Marie-Anne, 53, also appreciates” this new way of redistributing public funds “.

    “We cannot be against”

    While estimating that “the mayor would do better to lower local taxes”, Jérôme, bank employee and owner of a 120 m2 apartment in the Marais, exclaims: “It’s a bit demagogic, but we can’t not be against! “

    No petits fours … but a raffle for the wishes of the mayor of central Paris

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    And for those who were viscerally attached to the ceremony, Ariel Weil invites its citizens to participate online, Thursday, January 14, at 7 pm, to the “wishes of the mayor” on the site of the town hall. Just like Anne Hidalgo, the mayor (PS) of Paris, who makes an appointment on social networks on January 13.

    And in the other arrondissements …

    Ariel Weil is not the only one reallocating the money earmarked for his vows. Mayor of the 6th, Jean-Pierre Lecoq (LR) for example, will devote this budget to the purchase of 1,300 boxes of chocolates that will be distributed to staff working in the borough: building guards, garbage collectors and primary school teachers. The elected official also bought several dozen books on Saint-Germain-des-Prés which will be given in particular to school directors.

    As for the traditional lunch of the 300 “old” at the Coupole, usually organized in January, it is postponed until the beginning of March. On the side of Florence Berthout, the mayor (DVD) of the 5th, most of the budget is “allocated to the fight against the spread of the Covid”. The elected official also bought with the money saved fabric masks for elementary school children. Finally, isolated people with the lowest income, identified via the social service, can come and collect a gift from the town hall. This year it is a bottle of organic wine.

    In the 19th century, Francois Dagnaud (PS) sees it above all as an opportunity to continue to assume the costs related to the health crisis. “We provided barnums to pharmacies that needed them for antigen testing. We are preparing to welcome a vaccinodrome… These are expenses that were not planned and that must be financed, ”underlines the mayor.

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