“No problem” with the end of the fights

«Aucun problème» avec la fin des bagarres

Next week, the owners of the 18 teams in the circuit Courteau will be called to vote on the final prohibition of fighting in the QMJHL. The head coach of the Saguenéens of Chicoutimi, Yanick Jean, has asserted its support to the circuit Courteau so that the fights would be eliminated as soon as the season 2020-2021.

The head coach of the Saguenéens, Yanick Jean

Several coaches of the league have already voted in favour of a more stringent regulation for players who decide to throw the gloves.

“I support that. I know for a fact that the number of fights has decreased significantly during the last 10, 15 years. I believe that all the world is more conscious compared to the situation [of concussions] “, was suggested by John after the most recent training session of the Sags, at the pavilion of agriculture.

“For me, that they are removed, I have absolutely no problem with it. Whether a player is batting and he is subsequently expelled from the meeting because of its fight, it is correct according to me. Several other sports act as well. ”

It should be recalled that that the proposed rule be adopted, a two-thirds vote will be required, or 12 owners.

The fighting, like this one between Dylan Schives of the Ramparts, and Anthony Hamel, of the Islanders, are increasingly rare in the QMJHL. This season, there was an average of 0.23 fights per game.

A risk for the stars ?

Although most people agree that the league would be another step in the right direction in regards to the elimination of concussions, some believe that the star players could be more susceptible to blows vicious. That’s not a problem, for Yanick Jean, the ban on the fights in the QMJHL would not necessarily mean that the blows of a vicious rise towards the best players.

“With the regulations of the instigators and aggressors, the hockey is just not working like that anymore. We see fewer and fewer strokes bastards and one even tries to stop the failed dangerous. The people from the discipline committees in the various leagues to take the necessary actions to stop the blows to the head and that these players are protected. In 2020, the players no longer need to be defended by others with battles, ” added John.

In adopting this regulation, the QMJHL would be the first circuit of junior hockey in Canada, to the Western league and Ontario, to adopt such a policy

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