No quarantine for employees returning from the hot zone

Pas de quarantaine pour des employés de retour de la zone chaude

The Centre hospitalier universitaire (CHU) de Québec does not intend to impose administrative segregation to fifteen employees sent in reinforcement in a CHSLD in Laval with patients with the COVID-19, according to the union.

“It does not make sense!, rose Pierre Emond, interim president of the Union of workers of the CHU de Québec. People have worked 7 days, 12 hours per day in a facility that is significantly affected by the COVID”.

Return of the hot zone of the CHSLD of Eden, where at least 58 people have been infected, the employees of the CHU de Québec will have to return to work without further delay. The management of the hospital is justified in claiming that they have had access to all the protective equipment that is necessary, denounces the union.

The health facility does not pass screening tests to the relevant employees.

Pierre Émond regrets that this decision is contrary to the precautions requested by Quebec since the beginning of the pandemic. It is considered that this approach endangers the lives of workers and their families, as well as that of patients in the HOSPITAL.

“A test with results in 12 hours, for 15 people, it would not be too much to ask”, he concluded.

The CHU de Québec ensures that all the precautionary measures required to protect the health of the public and staff were taken seriously by employees when they went to give a hand in the CHSLD in question.

“We apply the guidelines of the public health to the letter,” said Geneviève Dupuis, deputy CEO, media relations of the CHU de Québec.

“I don’t see the difference between these employees and our employees currently in the hot zone who do the same work that had been done in NURSING homes”, she added.

In recent times, VAT News has learned that employees of the university Institute of cardiology and respirology of Quebec have been tested positive to the COVID-19 after be went to lend a hand in NURSING homes in the region of Quebec.

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