No supporters, no banner

Pas de partisans, pas de bannière

If we trust in the words of manager Dave Martinez, the Nationals of Washington will celebrate their victory in the last world Series as long as the supporters will not be allowed in the stadia.

“I am sure that I speak for all members of the organization when I say that we will find a way to celebrate. We want to hang our banner with supporters and receive our ring with them,” expressed the man of 55 at a video conference held on Friday. “It will be when? We don’t know. This will be how? I do not know. However, we wish that they [the supporters] are involved.”

The season 2020 in major league baseball has not been able to boot with it, and this, because of the pandemic of coronavirus that is rampant all around the globe.

The circuit Manfred, like all sports leagues on the planet, is working on a solution to resume its activities. The option of playing matches in stadiums where spectators would not be allowed is regularly raised.

Martinez has indicated that he is expecting and preparing himself for what the teams in major league baseball hold another training camp before the first matches of the campaign to be played.

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