No trace of Martin Carpentier: “The final key to the story, it is him”

Aucune trace de Martin Carpentier: «La clé finale de l'histoire, c'est lui»

The Sûreté du Québec began its sixth day of research, to find Martin Carpentier, the father of Norah and Romy Carpentier, lost their lives last Saturday.

The research focuses in the area of the rue Saint-Lazare, Saint-Apollinaire, on Monday morning, where items of interest were found. This is the same place where the bodies of two girls were found.

“I can’t develop on it, this is not the time, but it explains our deployment more robust in the area of the rue Saint-Lazare” says Ann Mathieu, a spokesperson for the SQ. These elements suggest that it could still be in the area.

The SQ and the research teams assigned to them have always hope to find other items to find the man in life, but it is always a race against the clock.

After six days of intense research, Martin Carpentier is still not found.

“We want, first, to find in life. But, we can not neglect the fact that he could be deceased,” said Ann Mathieu, a spokesperson for the SQ.

The spokesman insists on the fact that the SQ hope to be able to find living, which would clarify all the circumstances around this tragedy.

“The final key of this story, it is him,” she said.

Dog handlers and patrol hiking and all-terrain vehicles are deployed on the perimeter of research.

Mrs. matthews also recalls that the man may currently be suffering from injuries and that he is involved in a significant criminal investigation, other important reasons to find it.

Many pieces of information that are not revealed in this record, and the spokesperson reiterates that it is not a lack of transparency, but rather a necessity, in the event that Carpentier is found alive.

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The research will continue as long as there will be elements that will allow the SQ to believe that the man is there.

In addition, autopsies of Norah and Romy Carpentier took place in Montreal. According to Mrs. Mathieu, these are likely to be completed. The results, however, are not disclosed for the time being.

The bodies of the girls were found in close proximity, to one another, and research today take place near the site of the sad discovery.

The municipality of Saint-Apollinaire has deployed a service providing psychological assistance to citizens who may be affected by the tragedy. This support service is operational from 10: 30 a.m. Monday. It takes place in the council chamber, located at 94 Main street in Saint-Apollinaire. The social workers at the CLSC are available to receive people who want to benefit from psychological support.

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