No university back to school for common Sense after the controversy about Marion Maréchal-Le Pen

Activists of common Sense in November 2014 in Paris — DOMINIQUE FAGET / AFP

Walking back to common Sense. The movement born of The Manif for all, and linked to the training policy of the Republicans, has cancelled the “day of the France silent” (his university re-entry), reported this Thursday The Opinion.

The program of this day, of the round tables in the presence of Laurent Wauquiez, Bruno Retailleau and Daniel Fasquelle. Laurent Wauquiez has already warned : “If I am elected (at the head of the Republicans), our line will be very clear. There is no alliance with the elected representatives of the national Front and all those who do not share this line will not be part of my team. “

No outstretched hand to the FN

But they have cancelled their coming after the about Christophe Billan, president of common Sense, which half-opened the door to Marion Maréchal-Le Pen. “If Marion Maréchal-Le Pen comes tomorrow with his ideas to reach a platform, for me it’s no problem. But if it is The Pen that Marion, I have a concern, ” he said at the monthly The Wrong.

In a press release, the movement took a step back. “This willingness to dialogue, which alone can enable the right to exceed its current boundaries and to regain the support of its voters, has been interpreted by some media as a helping hand to the national Front. No, Common Sense does not and will never slip of the hand on the national Front, defended the movement.

According to The Opinion, the cancellation was decided on Thursday, in the framework of a “strategic meeting” convened ” emergency “.

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