“No way back”: on “the World” is a film about Belarusian partisans

A huge contribution to the victory in the great Patriotic war was made by the guerrillas. By the end of the war in Belarus, there were several thousand troops of the people’s Avengers. About them in Soviet times made dozens of films. And one of them today on the TV channel “MIR”. Three-part painting “no turning Back” I looked Dmitry Zabrodskiy.

To destroy the guerrillas at any cost! This order gave the German command. Deep within enemy territory with the invaders and fought the locals, and were surrounded by the soldiers, and escaped from captivity soldiers and officers. As a major puffins.

Vigilantes terrified the invaders. The Germans for the struggle against them was removed from the front of the entire division. There were even spetsoperatsiya Rangers to fight the guerrillas. About hunting elite troops at the small squad and tell the movie “no turning Back”.

The characters in the film “no turning Back” directed by Gregory Lipschitz draws without too much pathos. His people’s Avengers – teachers, farmers, hunters and ex-military, United with one aim – to liberate their Homeland from invaders…

… and to accomplish their mission – to deliver arms to neighboring guerrilla group. But besides the external enemy, the characters struggle with the internal enemy. The detachment came a spy.

In three hours of film fit and the detective with the search for the traitor, and the love triangle, and drama of male friendship.

Three-part painting was removed by the book of Igor Bulgarian. All the horrors of occupation, the writer has experienced personally, then moved to the pages of the book, and later on the screens.

The film is based on real events. About guerrilla carts distracted the executioners to the main squad attacked the camp and freed them. The characters were in a situation where turning back really.

For Galina Polish, Michael Gluzsky and Nikolay Olyanin roles have been stellar. It’s a real old movie about the war where the battles are impressive without special effects, and plot twists don’t leave you indifferent.