Norbert Fradin: “The largest aquarium in Bordeaux will be very different from that of The la Rochelle”

The promoter of bordeaux, Norbert Fradin, during the laying of the first stone of the museum of the sea and the navy — Mr. BOSREDON/20MINUTES

  • It will be an aquarium “is the twenty-first century,” insists the man of affairs of bordeaux.
  • It will be the subject of a mini-design competition.
  • The proponent also bears the project of Museum of the sea and the navy, which will open in June 2018.

After the revelation, yesterday, the proposed large aquarium on the right bank of Bordeaux, 20 minutes has interviewed this Thursday, Norbert Fradin, promoter of bordeaux, who had proposed this equipment to Stephan de Faÿ, director-general of

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The businessman, who also wears the project of Museum of the sea and of the marine Basins to flow -opening in June 2018 – has answered our questions.

Why a project of large aquarium to Bordeaux ?

It is in the logical continuation of the Museum of the sea and of the navy, which will treat of the history of the navy. The aquarium show, him, the flora and the fauna. But this will be an aquarium of the Xxist century, that is to say, different from what it was 15 or 20 years. We are no longer in search of the spectacular at all costs. There will be animals that we can show in situ, and other, endangered, which will be shown through films. New technologies now allow you to go filming in the great depths of the oceans. This will be first of all a cultural place, which will not, can not be the name of the aquarium, and within which we welcome foundations and associations.

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It will be so different from The aquarium of la Rochelle, which is the reference in the region ?

Even if it has roughly the same size and the same gauge it will be different, yes. This will not be the same at the level of the form no more, because we’re going to bring a great importance to its insertion in the urban site of the right bank. I want an architecture that is representative of a quality of execution, and that is a signal. There will also be a mini-contest architecture with two or three architects who need to bring us a variety of solutions.

Why have you chosen the right bank as the site for this aquarium ?

First of the wet docks are now well filled ; there is not a lot of space to carry out a project of this importance. In addition, the right bank, this is the Bordeaux of the 21st century, and around the Eiffel footbridge there is a heritage aspect quite attractive. Finally, this will be a gateway to Bordeaux, with the LGV, not very far away. All of this makes sense.

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You are the only one to carry this project ?

The project is focused Fradin Culture and Heritage, and the landscaping around the perimeter will be entrusted to the group Realities, a group of nantes. After that, there are technical aspects to an aquarium that will require partnerships, but it is under discussion for the moment.

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You expect that opening the site to which horizon ?

There are still things to work between land acquisition and the architecture contest. But let’s say the end of 2020, early 2021.

The Museum of the sea and the navy is still scheduled for 2018 ?

Yes, for June 2018. It will open with an exhibition of 41 paintings of Claude Monet, which is to be called the Monet between land and sea. I think this will be the first time that there will be an exhibition of Monet in the province on such a scale. We are also in the process of building discussions with other very large French museums, with oceanographers, and with Jacques Perrin for an exhibition
around his film Oceans.

Computer generated Image of the proposed museum of the sea and of the navy in Bordeaux – Brochet/Lajus/Pueyo

You are also on other projects in Bordeaux, as on the former site of the Caisse d’epargne to Meriadeck ?

Yes, we réaménageons the site, which will be a cultural place in the ground floor, which will host offices in the upper floors. The cultural space will be a place of exchanges and the hosting of artists from all walks of life, such as what is done already at Villa 88, rue Saint-Genès. The Fund will host the academy of dance of Patrick Dupond. Finally, I have also installed
the cours Florent in the premises of the Prince Noir, Lormont.

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