Norman meeting: the last main

Нормандская встреча: за кадром осталось главное

Norman meeting seemed very successful, because nothing has changed.

Zelensky seemed pretty awesome, because he acted exactly the same as Poroshenko, as he demanded from the West and the public mood in the country.

Zelensky could not send Putin, and could not jump into the arms of Russia, even if very wanted. But Putin could not refuse all or accept all. Similarly Merkel Makron had no serious levers of pressure neither one nor the other, and did not want anyone to push. Each side stuck to its ground. Each can consider himself a winner…

But behind the scenes remains important. Russia is not leaving the Donbass and not give Crimea. Russia is not abandoning its plans to return Ukraine to the fold of the revived Russian Empire. By hook or by crook, not by the war, there world, but Putin is trying to accomplish. Nothing has changed for us. The struggle continues.

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