Norman parliamentarians react after violence in Washington

    Norman parliamentarians react after violence in Washington

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    This Wednesday, in Washington, hundreds of supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump invaded the Capitol as parliamentarians had to validate the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. Scenes of violence and insurrection that trigger a reaction as far as Normandy.

    “It’s appalling”

    As a parliamentarian, the LREM deputy from Eure Bruno Questel, joined this Thursday by France Bleu Normandie, considers the situation in the American capital “appalling”: “It is democracy in his heart that is under attack. It is appalling because it is also an incumbent president who is at the initiative of all this, the President of the United States, with France one of the oldest democracies in the world. “

    “This should also lead us to reflect”, continues the deputy, who denounces the “populism” worldwide. : “I remind you that the yellow vests a few years ago wanted to return to the National Assembly, encouraged by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen in the main. Some had called for marching on the Elysee, effigies of Emmanuel Macron showed him beheaded on roundabouts … So yes you have to be vigilant. “

    On the social network Twitter, several parliamentarians are also reacting. “Very very disturbing”, writes the member for Le Havre Agnès Firmin Le Bodo, when the deputy for Eure Fabien Gouttefarde he also denounces the “ailments” of populism.

    Another reaction, that of the Communist deputy for Dieppe Sébastien Jumel, which denounces a “attack” at the heart of American democracy.

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