North: A young mother of four children stabbed to death, her ex-boyfriend arrested

The city of Jeumont in the North. — 20 Minutes

On Friday morning, a woman of 26 years old, mother of four children, was killed in Jeumont, near Maubeuge, in the North. Accused of having given several strokes of the knife, his ex-partner has been arrested, a-t-on learned from several sources.

Around 8: 30, ” a woman is dead, the victim of a knife attack in the lobby of building “, in Jeumont, indicated to the AFP the Central county fire and rescue (Codis) of the North.

The ex-boyfriend had tried to flee

According to a spokesperson of the departmental Directorate of public safety (DDSP) North, ” the young woman is dead as a result of the stabbing given by her ex-partner “. This man, thirty years old, ” has taken flight and was arrested by the police of Maubeuge on the town of Jeumont “, Friday, in the morning, according to the same source.

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