North korea: a train belonging probably to Kim spotted in a coastal town

Corée du Nord: un train appartenant vraisemblablement à Kim repéré dans une ville côtière

A train belonging probably to Kim Jong-un has been spotted on satellite photographs of a seaside resort to the east of North Korea, says the us site reference 38North, at a time when the state of health of the north Korean leader fuels speculation.

The train appears on the plates 21 and 23 April in a station that is dedicated to the Kim family, said the site in an article, published Saturday.

38North says that the presence of this train ” does not prove anything as to the whereabouts of the north Korean leader nor does it indicate anything about his state of health “.

“But it presents the information according to which Mr. Kim would be in an area reserved for the elite on the east coast,” continues the site.

Specialists in North Korea are lost in conjectures as to the state of health of Mr Kim, which appeared on none of the official photographs of the celebrations of the 15th of April.

This day is yet the most important in the political calendar for north korea because it is the one where the whole country commemorates the birth of the founder of the regime, Kim Il Sung, grandfather of the current leader.

Mr. Kim is no longer appeared in public since a meeting of the political bureau of the ruling party on the 11th of April, and a tour of inspection on an air force base which had been mentioned by the official media in north korea on the 12th.

Daily NK, an online media operated mainly by North Koreans who have defected, claimed that the north Korean leader had been operated on in April for cardiovascular problems and that he was recuperating in a villa of the province of Pyongan North.

“Excessive smoking” and “obesity”

Citing a source in north Korean is not identified, the media claimed that Mr. Kim, who is aged thirty years, had to be treated in emergency because of problems related to his excessive smoking, obesity and fatigue “.

South Korea, which is still technically at war with the North, had minimized this information.

CNN, citing a u.s. official, reported that Washington “should(have) information, according to which Kim Jong-un was” at serious risk after surgery “.

But on Thursday, the us president, Donald Trump has considered that the information on a possible degradation of the state of health of the north Korean leader were ” wrong “.

Thursday always, the chain of south Korean SBS reported, citing a government official identified as Mr. Kim seemed to be at Wonsan for at least four days and that it would reappear soon in public.

It added that the south Korean military guarding the place where stood the train of Mr Kim, who had been seen at Wonsan, while his plane (which he uses often to go to Wonsan, was in Pyongyang.

This is not the first time that the “lack” of Kim is fueling all kinds of speculation.

In 2014, he had not been seen for six weeks, then reappear with a cane. The intelligence services in south korea cited by Yonhap had reported that he had undergone an operation to remove a cyst in the ankle.

The news coverage of north korea is particularly complicated, especially for all that relates to the private life of Mr. Kim who is one of the best kept secrets of the regime.

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