North korea: An earthquake occurred near the nuclear test site

Kim Jong-a — Wong Maye-E/AP/SIPA

More fear than harm. An earthquake a shallow magnitude of 2.9 occurred Friday before dawn near the site of the nuclear tests in north korea, where Pyongyang conducted September 3 to test the most powerful to date. But experts in south korea believe that the shaking is not due to human activity.

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The earthquake occurred at 1h41 local time at a depth of about five kilometers. The epicenter was located north of the test site in Punggye-Ri, according to the american Institute of geophysics, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). “This event occurred in the area of the previous nuclear tests in north korea. It has the characteristics of an earthquake, however, at the time it is, we cannot determine with certainty the nature (natural or produced by human activity) to this event, ” said the USGS.
But the meteorological agency of South Korea said on its website that ” the analysis had determined that it was a natural disaster. We believe that it has not caused any damage “.

On 24 September, the region had already been shaken by an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.5, probably a replica of the sixth nuclear test conducted on September 3 by North Korea, according to seismologists. Pyongyang has assured us when you have tested a hydrogen bomb small enough to be mounted on a missile.

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