North korea: Kim Jong-un reappears in public after three weeks of absence

Corée du Nord: Kim Jong-un réapparaît en public après trois semaines d’absence

Kim Jong-un has participated in the inauguration of a fertilizer plant Friday, said the official news agency KCNA, that the first public appearance of the north Korean leader, after weeks of rumors about his health.

“The supreme leader Kim Jong-un cuts the ribbon for the inauguration of the factory of phosphate fertilizers of Sunchon,” says a dispatch from KCNA.

He ” attended the ceremony “, and “all of the participants have launched the cheers !” when he appeared, she added.

Kim has also visited the factory, and has been ” informed about the process of production “, has yet said KCNA, which on Saturday morning had not published pictures of the event.

The north Korean leader had not appeared in public since he had chaired a meeting of the Politburo on April 11. The next day, the official media had claimed that he was inspecting fighter planes on a military base.

The questions on the state of health of Kim Jong-un has proliferated since his absence noticed for the celebrations of the 15th of April. This day is the most important of the political calendar in north korea, as the country commemorates the birth of the founder of the regime, Kim Il Sung, his grandfather.

Friday, according to KCNA, ” the supreme leader said with deep emotion that (his grandfather) Kim Il Sung and (his father’s father) Kim Jong Il, who worked hard to solve the food problem for the people would be extremely satisfied if they heard that the modern factory of phosphate fertilizers has been built “.

Speculation about the was health of Kim Jong-un were parties on April 21, the Daily NK, online media managed mainly by North Koreans who have defected.

Citing unidentified sources inside the country, it was claimed that Kim Jong-un, aged about 35 years, was in a worrisome state, with more of her smoking, obesity, and overwork.

The CNN american had then reported that the United States “monitoring information” indicating that he was in danger of death after an operation.

Well-kept Secret

Minimizing the rumors, the special adviser to the national security of south Korean president Moon Jae-in, had assured the 26 April that Kim Jong un was ” alive and in good health “.

According to this advisor, Moon Chung-in, the leader was at Wonsan, a seaside resort on the east coast of North Korea, since the 13th of April.

Even the american president Donald Trump, when interviewed on the subject on 27 April, had seemed to confirm that Kim Jong-un was alive.

Again questioned on Friday, in Washington, Mr. Trump has refused to comment on the reports of the KCNA.

The state of health of the north Korean leader is a State secret, extremely well kept, in a country notoriously opaque vis-à-vis foreign countries, and where freedom of the press does not exist.

In 2011, all it took was two days after the death of Kim Jong Il for that information to get out of the closed circle of dignitaries to Pyongyang.

In 2014, his son and successor, Kim Jong-un had disappeared from circulation for nearly six weeks, and then was returned with a cane.

At the end of several days, the intelligence services in south korea had assured him that he had been operated on to remove a cyst in the ankle.

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