North korea: the Canada arose as a mediator between Kim and Trump

Photo: Adrian Wyld, The canadian Press
The canadian minister of foreign Affairs, asked by chrystia Freeland, alongside his american counterpart, Rex Tillerson.

Canada and the United States always want a diplomatic solution to the north Korean crisis. The two countries will host an international meeting in Vancouver, on the 16th of January, hoping to find a solution that will be subsequently presented to the North Koreans.


“A diplomatic approach is necessary, and essential, and possible,” was pounding on Tuesday, the canadian minister of foreign Affairs, asked by chrystia Freeland, alongside his american counterpart, Rex Tillerson. who was on a visit to Ottawa.


Canada wants to be a mediator in the conflict between the us president, Donald Trump, and the north Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. To do this, the minister Freeland invited his counterparts of more than a dozen countries in mid-January, including those of South Korea and Japan. The objective will be to establish a strategy to exit the crisis.


But North Korea — which has been accused by the minister to commit “illegal activities” and conduct “a dangerous program of nuclear and ballistic missile” — is not invited to the meeting, as the participants in the summit prefer to cook them a proposal which will be subsequently submitted to the North Koreans, was it explained behind the scenes in Ottawa.


China and Russia have been invited, but they have not yet confirmed their presence.




Tensions between Washington and Pyongyang have been exacerbated this fall when North Korea launched missiles into the Pacific ocean from a scope showing that the system would be capable of hitting the United States and Canada. Leaders Trump and Kim have exchanged insults.


The canadian government however wants an exit from diplomatic crisis — not least because a nuclear threat to the target as well as that of Donald Trump.


The minister Freeland and the secretary of State Tillerson have they discussed military options ? Neither the one nor the other had not replied directly to the question at the press briefing on Tuesday. The international campaign of pressure and sanctions against North Korea, however, has the support of the White House, ” said Mr. Tillerson.


“All of this is intended to lead to talks. Otherwise, we would not need to do it all. We would spend directly to a military option, he said.


The White House has not rejected the holding of diplomatic discussions. What was just observed, the White House is that North Korea has not demonstrated a willingness to discuss. “

Disagreement on Jerusalem

The minister of foreign Affairs asked by chrystia Freeland took care to avoid the name of the city of Jerusalem, but she also acknowledged that she did not agree with the decision of the Americans to recognize it as the capital of Israel and move their embassy in the jewish State. The minister and the us secretary of State Rex Tillerson in particular have talked about the Middle East on Tuesday. “Canada and the United States have divergent positions,” sheepishly said the minister, alongside his counterpart in point of press. “We always have discussions candid and direct. And the discussion on the Middle East was very useful and important. “

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