North korea: Trump reaffirms that it is ready to take “military action”, Xi urges him to avoid exacerbating the tensions

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    The american president Donald Trump and chinese president Xi Jinping.


    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 09:03

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 09:03

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    The american president Donald Trump reiterated Saturday that the United States was willing to take, if necessary, “military action” against North Korea, during a telephone conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, has reported on the White House in a press release.

    “The United States, with their allies, are ready to implement a full range of measures diplomatic, economic and military” to put an end to the nuclear threat of north korea, explained the White House in a press release.

    “The presidents Trump and Macron are also committed to work together, and with their allies, to apply the sanctions of the united Nations and getting to dénucléariser North Korea”, has also announced the executive american.

    “The two presidents agreed to stay in touch over the next few days “, for its part, had said the French presidency a little earlier about this discussion between the two presidents.

    Warnings of the chinese president

    These new declarations of Donald Trump involved in the aftermath of the warnings of the chinese president Xi Jinping. This last was in a hurry Saturday, during a telephone conversation, his american counterpart Donald Trump to avoid the “words and acts” that could “exacerbate” the tensions are already high in the Korean peninsula.

    During a call Saturday morning (local time, Friday night time american), Mr. Xi has called on the parties to the “restraint” and to “persist in the general direction of the dialogue, negotiations and a political settlement,” said chinese State television CCTV.

    For its part, the White House published a communiqué according to which the two leaders called for North Korea to “cease its provocative behaviour and brought to the climbing” and reaffirm “their mutual commitment to a denuclearization of the Korean peninsula”.

    This telephone interview comes after several days of escalation without precedent between Washington and Pyongyang. On Friday, the president Trump had assured that the military option was now “ready”.

    Since its golf in Bedminster, near New York city, where he spent his vacation, Mr. Trump has also met with the governor of Guam, Eddie Calvo, in which he has “assured” that “the american forces are ready to ensure the safety and security of the population of Guam, like that of the United States as a whole”, said the White House in a press release.

    North Korea announced that it was planning to launch missiles in the vicinity of this american island in the Pacific. The army of north korea, quoted by the official news agency, KCNA, reported Thursday the project’s ability to launch four missiles, which survoleraient the japanese territory before going down to the sea “at 30 or 40 kilometres of Guam”.

    In response, Japan began on Saturday to deploy its missile defense system Patriot, after threats from Pyongyang.

    “Fire and anger”

    On Tuesday, Donald Trump had claimed that North Korea would “fire and anger” of the United States if ever the threats of Pyongyang continued. And Friday, he had felt that these words were “may not be enough hard”.

    China, the main economic partner of North Korea, plays a crucial role for the effectiveness of economic sanctions against Pyongyang to force it to halt its nuclear and missile programs. But Beijing, whose margin of manoeuvre is narrow, until then, had remained behind, returning happy back-to-back the two countries.

    During the telephone interview, Mr. Trump has provided, according to the chinese television, that “for the time being, hit china-us relations are on the right track”. “I think they can become even better”, he says, according to the same source. Washington has repeatedly called on Beijing to do more against its ally north korea.

    Prior to this discussion between the two heads of State, no sign of abating, was not noticeable. However, the upcoming joint military exercises between Seoul and Washington, during which tensions on the Korean peninsula tend to worsen, start soon, around the 21st of August.

    Moscow is “very worried”

    China has proposed on several occasions a “double moratorium”: the off simultaneous nuclear tests and ballistic north Korean and joint military exercises Washington and Seoul.

    This rise in tensions between the United States and North Korea weighs on the financial markets and worried many world leaders.

    In Moscow, the head of Russian diplomacy Sergei Lavrov said on Friday “very concerned” about the risk of conflict “very high” between United States and North Korea.

    “It is clearly time for all parties to focus on ways to reduce tensions,” she said Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for the secretary-general of the united Nations, Antonio Guterres.

    “I don’t see a military solution to this conflict (…) I consider the verbal escalation as a wrong answer”, warned Friday the German chancellor Angela Merkel.

    An official from the White House indicated that it was not necessary to see in the president’s remarks the sign of a military action is imminent. “There are military plans for just about all the crises around the world (…) These plans are continually updated and present options to the president. There is nothing new”, he said on condition of anonymity.

    The u.s. president pledged Friday a “major press conference” Monday in Washington, without elaborating.

    Plan offensive to Guam

    The army of north korea must present to the young ruler a plan of attack on Guam by mid-August, according to military in north korea.

    The Pentagon currently has 28 500 troops in the south of the 38th parallel. To protect the field of medium range missiles, Kim Jong-un, the United States deployed a missile defense shield, the THAAD, that can intercept icbms at high altitude.

    According to analysts, shots to Guam would place Washington in a difficult position: if the United States did not try to intercept it, their credibility would take a hit, and Pyongyang would feel to grow wings to conduct a missile test intercontinental (ICBM) size.

    The website 38 North, which is an authority on North Korea, says that satellite images suggest that North Korea could be preparing new tests of ballistic missile submarines.

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