North shore: changes to a financial aid program criticized

Côte-Nord: des changements à un programme d’aide financière décriés

The company Cryopeak, who wishes to serve in liquefied natural gas industries of the North Coast, considers itself to be disadvantaged by the changes recently made to the program of financial assistance for the construction of storage facilities and regasification.

The president of Cryopeak, Sylvain Lambert, believes that the government of Québec amended the rules at the last minute, which will jeopardise the healthy competition between the four companies in the race.

In a revised version of the normative framework of the financial assistance program dating back to the February 19, 2020, the mobile infrastructure such as tankers and iso-containers are eligible for a subsidy of 65 %.

According to Sylvain Lambert, he is a major addition, and unexpected, compared to the rules previously established which occurs in the communication with suppliers and future clients are advanced.

“We proposed a solution based on the established rules at the time, he did know. Now, when the rules change, we are poorly placed to re-make a proposal of price because some of the big companies have already signed letters of intent to one of the four qualified suppliers.”

Crypeak claims that the recent changes are more advantageous to a only one of the four players chosen, a year ago, by the government of Québec in the framework of a call for projects for the supply of the Côte-Nord with natural gas.

The chairman asked the government to redefine the normative framework in collaboration with the ministry of natural Resources, suppliers, customers, and even municipal officials.

Mr. Lambert also wish to have the opportunity to redo its bid with the addition of a maritime dimension to its project, which would enable him to have access to more financial aid.

The cabinet of the minister of Energy and natural Resources, Jonatan Julien, it indicated that it did not want to comment on the talks between the suppliers and future clients.

The press officer Claude Potvin has indicated that the changes to the financial assistance program are derived from discussions with the companies involved and they have not been made to facilitate the achievement of the objective of serving the natural gas industries of the North Coast.

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