North: The scooter power that transforms into a trolley to do her shopping

The scooter Maestra, invented by the northerner Robin Braem. — E. GEUNS / 20 Minutes

  • Robin Braem is a former student of the school of Mines-Telecom, Douai.
  • He designed a scooter-electric trolley that folds in a second.
  • He launched a fundraising campaign to develop its project.

“His name is Maestra. “In the fabrication laboratory of the institut Mines Telecom, Douai, Robin Braem, 23-year-old begins the third prototype of a device promised to a bright future : the scooter cart. “I want to revisit the design so that it is less heavy and more maneuverable,” says the young engineer, freshly graduated.

Foldable “a second time”

Scooter, electric, ” folds in one second on the clock, and it is compatible with all the panniers of a bicycle, it is convenient for shopping out of the work “, he argues. He has also filed a patent on the folding method, for its Maestra. A range of 25 kilometers, it can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h today, the scooter works well, but the designer has need of funds to continue to develop its project.

The design phase

He is launching a crowd-funding public. The supports begin at 5 euros, but you can also pre-order the gear at the rate of 750 euros (1.200 euros public price) for a delivery in mid-2018. “The money collected will allow me to call in a designer, already identified, to review the whole product, and make it sexy. “Another advantage is that the backlog from the crowdfunding crédibilisera the project with public and private funders.

Scooter 100 % regional

Then will come the stage of manufacture and marketing. Robin Braem has already planned everything : “the parts will be manufactured in the region, it will be of Maestra, a product 100 % in the region.” there will then be other versions of the scooter-cart, and other products, always with the same leitmotiv : “creating products that facilitate the daily life of the people “.

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