North: They get caught with more than 2,000 euros smoking in the trunk

The municipality of la Gorgue, in the North. — 20 Minutes

Yes, tobacco is cheaper in Belgium, but there are still rules. Last Saturday, the gendarmes have arrested two individuals, largely in violation of the legislation on the import of tobacco, a-t-we learned on Thursday.

The gendarmes of Hazebrouck were in the position for static controls in the commune of la Gorgue, on the borders of the Nord, Pas-de-Calais and the Belgian border. Around noon, the military spotted a car and decided to control it.

The tobacco in pots seized by the gendarmes. – Gendarmerie nationale
About 2,000 euros of goods

The driver of the minivan attempted to take flight. In vain. The gendarmes managed to stop and have found the presence of two individuals inside. But not that. The rear seats of the vehicle were lowered and the huge chest contained a no less enormous amount of tobacco into the jars. In total, the military has counted some fifty pots of various sizes and makes from Belgium for a value of about 2,000 euros.

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The police have entrusted the case to the Customs. Knowing that the legislation is limited to 1kg per person the amount of tobacco that you can import from other european countries, both individuals will have to pay a large fine customs.

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