Norway by 2040 will switch to electrical aircraft

Норвегия к 2040 году перейдет на электрическую авиацию

The new programme Norway became part of the existing project aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The Norwegian authorities adopted a program of gradual transition to electric passenger aircraft.

According to the Slovenian aircraft company Pipistrel, the authorities plan to 2040 to fully transfer all local passenger transportation using electric aircraft.

The new programme Norway became part of the existing project aimed at reducing carbon emissions Norwegian enterprises and companies. This project involves a nationwide reduction in carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

In the framework of the authorities, for example, increased sales of electric cars, which today account for almost half of total car sales in Norway. So, Norway became one of the largest markets in the world of American electric car company Tesla.

The company Pipistrel has been testing the Alpha electroanalyt Electro by order of the Norwegian airport operator Avinor.

Test flight of electric aircraft Alpha Electro, commissioned by Avinor, was held at the Oslo airport. The passenger aircraft was the Minister of transport of Norway, Ketil Solvik-Olsen.

As expected, the airplanes like Alpha Electric will be used at the local Norwegian routes.

Slovenian airplane is equipped with electric motor with tractor propeller with a capacity of 50 kilowatts and a battery capacity of 21 kilowatt-hour (excluding the emergency supply power). The aircraft can stay airborne for up to one hour.

Other details of the new program to transfer the local airlines of Norway’s electricity is not yet disclosed.

According to the materials of UNIAN

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