Not a penny for the companies who take advantage of tax havens, demand QS

Pas un sou pour les entreprises qui profitent des paradis fiscaux, demande QS

The Quebec government must follow suit to some countries such as Denmark by excluding all the companies that have recourse to tax havens aid programs, application, Québec solidaire (QS).

More specifically, the opposition party calls on the government of François Legault to tighten the eligibility criteria for its assistance programs to ensure that companies which have subsidiaries in tax havens recognised may not have right.

According to the co-spokesperson of the party, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the government “has the responsibility to send a lifeline” to the citizens and businesses in need, but not to the “players who do not comply with the rules of the game” by hiding their assets in these countries.

“These companies should not receive a penny of taxpayers’ money “, he said in a press release published on Monday.

According to the report 2017 in the organization “Canadians for Tax Fairness,” several flagships of the québec economy have had recourse to tax havens to evade their fiscal responsibilities, including Saputo, BMO, Power Corporation, Dollarama, and Couche-Tard, reminds QS.

“Each year, Quebec is deprived of $ 800 million, which will go directly into tax havens. It is 800 million, which has less to invest in our hospitals, in our schools or in our NURSING homes, ” said the party spokesman on taxation matters, Vincent Marissal.

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