Not a single Georgia: named for popular destinations

PHOTO : / Igor Medvedev

Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned air travel to Georgia after the riots and anti-Russian slogans in Tbilisi. Georgian tour operators and hoteliers count losses. Every fifth tourist who arrives in Georgia is Russian. Last year the country was visited by 1.5 million compatriots.

“Georgia traditionally – affordable and budget direction. The average cost for a week was 25 rubles, including flights. And of course to find an alternative course at this price is difficult, but possible. In any case, the amount that received the Georgian economy, is impressive. According to experts, the loss of the tourism industry of Georgia will be no less than 300 million rubles”, – said the Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia, the adviser of the head of Federal tourism Agency Dmitry Gorin.

Now those who planned to vacation in Georgia voucher, looking for other options. Most tourists choose visa free countries.

So, a week in a three star hotel in Turkey will cost 29 thousand rubles per person. “All inclusive” for the money will not work. Tour package includes Charter flights, accommodation, transfers, insurance, breakfasts and dinners.

Holiday in Cyprus will cost from 36 thousand rubles. For the money the tourist will get a quiet stay on the shores of the Mediterranean in a modest apartment.

Fraternal Bulgaria is always glad the Russians are willing to offer a week on the Golden Sands from 39 thousand per person. Sea – Black and the hotels built in Soviet times. But all home.

For those who like the Balkans, travel to Montenegro. Prices are the same as in Bulgaria but the shore is washed by the Adriatic sea. Russian tourists love in the beautiful nature and a visa-free regime.