Not a women’s profession:. girl-biker works as a lifeguard

Не женская профессия: в Люберцах девушка-байкер работает спасателем

Ksenia Vlaskin – biker, seven years ago, she took courses in first aid, after which he joined the volunteers of Mosoblpozhspas. Recently it got the job officially, and she has managed to save dozens of lives, the TV channel “360”.

Shifts Ksenia comes in both day and night. And you never know which one will be calm, and which will require a lot of effort. According to the woman, she came into this profession because of their passion for motorcycles.

“We went to far some travel to Russia, and I decided that for a large group it is important that at least one person held a first aid course,” she recalls.

So Ksenia realized that helping people is her calling. First it was enlisted in the staff Manager, after some time, she became a lifeguard. However, from the motorcycle she refuses still and always comes in for it to work.

The woman had to prove every day that it is no worse than male colleagues. Now her expertise has reached such a level that it can stop the bleeding the weight of your own body.

And in St. Petersburg is home to Miller Alexander Andreev. He has mastered the unusual part: the male manicurist, who also enjoys bike.