Not curious the PM

Pas curieux le PM

The prime minister Justin Trudeau is obviously not very curious.

Or maybe is there evidence of willful blindness ?

Anyway, Mr. Trudeau was unaware, apparently, a number of important details in the heart of the scandal the WE Charity.

This is at least what he supported yesterday during his historic testimony in committee.

The prime minister did not know, for example, how many had received by his relatives in fees and travel costs on the part of WE Charity in the last few years.

A menu detail.

He did not know that his minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, was offered a trip of pleasure, not later than 2017, by the body to which his government was prepared to give more than $ 40 million to manage this program.

He didn’t know also, it seems, the financial problems and governance major of WE Charity.

This is a lot of grey areas.

Impaired judgment

Especially considering the fact that Mr. Trudeau has said that he is aware that the agreement could be subject to controversy, precisely because of its proximity to WE.

Mr. Trudeau would have personally delayed the launch of the programme in order to ensure that all the strings were attached. That the evidence was made by the officials that WE Charity was indeed the only agency able to develop such a project.

Despite this apparent clarity on the potential conflict of interest, Mr. Trudeau has not challenged the policy decision to give an organization a friend a lucrative contract.

Even more difficult to understand in the light of this testimony.

Once again, it is the judgment of Mr. Trudeau and his entourage that takes a beating.

The testimony in the parliamentary committee are first and foremost a political exercise, where the search for truth is relegated to second plan.

It is clear that it will have to wait for the report of the ethics commissioner, in a few months, to get to the bottom of this case.

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